Technology nowadays keeps evolving and it’s precisely this that makes it sometimes useless and unnecessary. How about 4K UHD displays mounted on so many gaming laptops by ALL modern laptops manufacturers? Are those panels a must or is this more like trying to pee against the wind? To be honest, I don’t understand WHY on Earth manufacturers push for this implementation on gaming laptops if they don’t own the power to make them 101% useful.

You don’t have to be Einstein to see that a 4K display will not only be responsible for less battery life (which is already a major problem on power-hungry gaming laptops), but also for dramatic gaming performance with an ultra-detailed 4K resolution. Let’s face it: today, there are no (none, zero) gaming laptops on the market which can play any title at a 4K resolution without some help from outside accessories, like water cooling (ASUS ROG GX700) or Alienware Graphics Amplifier. Mobile versions of desktop graphics cards and 4K resolutions just don’t mix together.

And to demonstrate that, I will list below some FPS scores by NVIDIA’s 8 GB DDR5 GTX 980M graphics card, at a 4K resolution, 2015-2016 titles, ultra detailed, of course. Be aware of the fact that playable gaming experience is somewhere above 45 FPS. The numbers were taken from NVIDIA 980M is top of the line in terms of laptop graphics performance right now and if this beast can’t do it, nothing can…

I think we all agree that an average of 20 FPS won’t allow you to play any modern title. Where you see 45 FPS, that’s far enough because we’re talking about some first person shooters, where FPS should be at least 60-70.

So why would people want 4K displays on gaming laptops if they are a setback in terms of gaming performance?

Well, to be honest, 4K panels look great. Even though they need more power and can’t be used for gaming today, there are a lot of people who opt for this kind of panel just because they want a beautiful desktop and a beautiful display to use for some other activities, not gaming. They use only 1080p settings for gaming. These 4K displays can offer extra quality but for now they are not intended for laptop gaming, just home use and business.

If you are willing to pay extra and understand you won’t be able to use that gorgeous display on games, if you can accept the fact that your gaming laptop will run out of juice faster because of that display, you’re good to go. There is quite a difference between 1080p and 4K, so you will be able to notice the beauty of that display easily…

Biggest advantages of 4K displays on gaming laptops

  • The image is clearer, sharper and much better than 1920 x 1080.
  • The WEB starts to grow around 4K content. A lot of Youtubers shoot in 4K.

Biggest disadvantages of 4K displays on gaming laptops

  • You won’t be able to use it in games without water cooling + desktop graphics or an Alienware Graphics Amplifier.
  • There will be a problem with power consumption, which is much higher than with 1080p displays.
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