Laptops are made for mobility and where mobility is involved dust is an overwhelming reality. Even though we’re not talking about Special Forces, terrorists, or any kind of Counter-Strike map, dust is the worst enemy for your laptop. Here are some tips which will help you not just stay away from the almighty dust, but also clean your laptop on time, so  that it doesn’t suddenly burn down to ashes…

How to prevent getting dust inside your laptop

  1. Clean up your room. A dusty furniture is the sign of a dusty laptop too. You have to understand the basic mechanics behind laptops: air goes in, air goes out. This is the way they are cooled. If the air is full of dust, your laptop will choke to death someday down the road.
  2. Don’t use your laptop outside. There are moments when you need to use your laptop outside your house. If you own a laptop with matte screen you will be able to do so but be aware of the fact that the dust in your house comes from outside, it’s not like your home-grown pot hidden in the basement…
  3. Don’t use your laptop in bed. Well, using laptops in beds is what we’ve been doing since the Crusades but it’s what can cause their premature death. The fact is that we buy laptops for this specific purpose: to use them in a more comfortable place than the desk. Be aware of the fact that using laptops in bed not only will make them overheat because of sheets blocking airflow, but also all kind of lint, dust and other junk will be sucked into the fans. Which will mean overheating problems down the road.
Don't use your laptop in bed
Don’t use your laptop in bed

How to clean and maintain your laptop

Cleaning or maintaining your laptop is not such a hard job. The fact is that you won’t be needing to do this so often, but avoiding any kind of cleaning and maintaining will get your laptop into trouble sooner rather than later. This being said, let’s see how to clean and maintain a laptop. Just basic stuff…

How to remove dust from your laptop

Well, here are two options: you do it yourself or you go to some specialized computer shop repair. If you are the kind of geeky-tech guy able to upgrade his laptop’s RAM or storage, you will be able to do it yourself. All you have to do is to unscrew the back cover and access the fans and radiators. To get rid of dust, you can use an air spray.

If you do your own maintaining and start to disassemble your laptop, you may void warranty so make sure your machine is not under warranty period.

If you are the kind of “I know just how to turn on and off a laptop and surf the web” guy, just go and get some help at the local computer repair shop. It won’t cost a fortune and will solve overheating problems.

How often should you clean the dust inside the laptop?

I think once a year is enough for those who use laptops inside their houses. If you own a laptop used mostly outside the house, you will have to clean it more often, let’s sayevery 3 to 6 months.

Dusty Laptop
Dusty Laptop

How to clean the display

Cleaning the display is easy. Don’t buy all those “display cleaning kits”. You don’t need them. Nowadays displays are not so sensitive to cleaning solvents used for general cleaning and water is just enough most of the times. Do the cleaning with some microfiber cloth to remove dust and then with some lightly-soaked cotton cloth. You should never put water or other cleaning solvents directly on the display. Put a little just on the cotton cloth.

Using vinegar

The 50% water -50% vinegarcombination can make miracles. If you don’t want to use any chemicals when cleaning your laptop’s display or chassis, you can use this Chemical X. If you have distilled waterclose at hand, even better.

Are eyeglass napkins any good?

YES, eyeglass napkins can do miracles. They are ideal for removing fingerprints or any kind of dust.

Display Cleaning
Display Cleaning

How to clean the chassis

Cleaning the chassis is quite easy. You can use an air spray to blow up dust inside the ports, and some Chemical X water-vinegar combination for the rest of the chassis. You can use any kind of detergent as long as you spray it on the cotton cloth. Just like in the caseof the display, don’t pour anything on the laptop itself.

How to clean the keyboard

Keyboard cleaning can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Depending on the type of keyboard your laptop has, this pain can be bearable or unbearable. First thing you have to do when you clean the laptop keyboard is to turn off the machine. If you don’t do so, there are high chances you hit some shortcuts for some alien command which you have never heard of before and you won’t be able to troubleshoot the problem not knowing what happened in the first place.

The best option is to blow the dust and the junk under the keys with some air spray.

Keyboard Cleaning
Keyboard Cleaning

DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE KEYS. Laptop keyboards are not built similarly to desktop computer keyboard and some are not removable. If you break down your keyboard you will be in deep shi… pudding…

If you want to clean the space between the keys, you can use a spoon. Just wrap some cotton or microfiber cloth around that spoon and you will be able to remove junk between the keys. I would also recommend turning your laptop upside down and giving it a nice shake. That shake will release some junk blocked under the keys.

These are the most important tips to clean a laptop. If you have other ideas don’t be afraid to share them with us in the comment section down below.


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