When we buy technology, we are aware of the fact that it won’t last forever. Technology nowadays is degrading very fast and even though we expect from a basic laptop to last at least 3 or 4 years, very often we notice a huge lack of performance after just one or two years. Today, we’re going to talk about the future proof factor in the laptop world, a world which lacks upgrade possibilities.

Desktop computers are much more future proof than laptops because as we said earlier, they can be upgraded in time. A new graphics card, maybe a new processor can turn that obsolete machine into Phoenix when bottlenecks suddenly appear. If you own a laptop, you won’t be able to mount a better graphics card or a better processor. With that being said, let’s talk about what future proof means in laptop world.

What does future proof means?

Future proof is linked to your basic needs. If you buy a laptop just for Excel sheets or to edit Microsoft Word documents, it will probably last you forever. It will be future proof forever. Future proof is a concept invented by people to determine how long technology will last until it gets obsolete. Everybody wants some PC or laptop which won’t need replacement, but the reality is totally different. Think about computers we owned back in the 90s, are they any good now? Obviously not because they become obsolete by this time, they were future proof for the 90s and that’s it.

How future proof is a home intended use laptop?

If we’re talking about home intended user laptops, future proof factor is quite important. Even though watching movies online or browsing the web are not high demanding resources tasks, by time, internet will evolve and a basic laptop will struggle to load your Facebook page, or some 4K YouTube video. Remember 2005 laptops, they could run 360p YouTube but they are unable nowadays to run 1080p clips, not even think about 4K resolutions.

Home laptops are usually cheap, under $1000 price range maybe $600-$800, 15.6 or 17.3 inches display, integrated graphics or maximum discrete NVIDIA GTX 940M dedicated graphics cards.

Home laptops are usually 3 or 4 years future proof if they are used just for browsing the web

How future proof is a business laptop

Business laptops can be much more future proof than home or gaming laptops because they are bought for some specific applications. Business laptops are commonly used for presentations, spread sheets, editing Word documents, sending and receiving e-mails and they also have very good battery life. Because they won’t be used with more power hungry applications by time, they could be future proof forever but some specific problem turns this statement into a nice dream: battery life. In time, any battery gets weaker and weaker and in the business world, battery life is an important factor, maybe the most important one. With that being said, business laptops are future proof as long as their battery is in good shape. How fast can the batteries tear out? Well, it depends on each individual user.


Business laptops are 1.5 to 2 years future proof, until batteries wear out

How future proof is a gaming laptop

Gaming and future proof concept don’t mix, unless you are going to play same old titles forever. Every day technology gets more and more advanced and games get higher details. To run games at high details you need a very good graphics card and I think everybody is aware of the fact today’s top graphics cards will be obsolete by next week. That’s how fast technology goes. Of course, as I said, if you are going to play Solitaire or Mario, that computer will be future proof forever. In the real life scenario, gaming laptops are less future proof than any kind of laptop. The worst news is graphics cards can’t be upgraded like in desktop world. Many times, obsolete graphics cards become the bottleneck, not CPU or RAM. If you are going to play new titles every year, gaming laptops will last you about 1 year.


Gaming laptops are future proof for only one year

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