Everybody can upgrade a desktop PC, you just take out the side panel, unscrew hard drive, graphics card or take out some RAM sticks. Of course, you have to know what you’re doing to make sure what you’re putting in is 100% compatible with the motherboard. But how about upgrading a laptop? Well, laptops are difficult to upgrade especially MacBooks and this kind of laptops which need the entire back panel removed to access internal components.

Which components can be upgraded in laptops?

Not all the components are easy to remove. It depends on each manufacture and model. CPU and graphics cards are very hard to replace and the upgrade possibility is close to none. Laptop upgrades are quite limited to HDD, RAM and basically that’s all. It’s a closed environment and upgrades are not so popular. You can’t quite buy laptop processors or graphic cards like you can buy stuff for desktops, there’s no industry for laptop components.

So, with that being said, HDD and RAM memory can be upgraded in a laptop, as well as Wi-Fi card or Bluetooth but once again, I don’t know if you will be able to buy the last two online so easily.

Before you start taking out any screws, make sure you ground yourself so static electricity won’t get you into trouble. It rarely happens, but don’t take any risks

Be careful about components compatibilities

Before you do anything, just visit your laptop producer website and search your model. See hardware details. If you are looking for extra RAM, first of all you have to see how many RAM slots are available in your machine. After you clear that, see if is DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4 because if you buy the wrong standard, it won’t work.

See also how much memory that laptop supports because if the manufacturer says a maximum 8 GB of RAM and you buy two sticks of 8 GB, you won’t be able to use one of those stick. About internal HDD or SSD, I don’t think you have to worry. As long they are 2.5 inches, everything will be ok. Don’t forget to backup your data if you will replace your HDD with a SSD or a bigger capacity HDD.

Upgrading a laptop witch has separate back panels for RAM and hard drive

This is the easy way… You will only have to unscrew those little panels, pull out the RAM and HDD and replace them with some of superior value. Just be careful to buy the right stuff, because compatibility can make you throw money out of the window.

RAM Upgrade
RAM Upgrade

Upgrading a laptop with one big back panel

This is getting complicated because it’s not about only one to two screws. You might need to unscrew 15 pieces. If you are willing to get into this adventure, just make sure you are labeling the screws because some will have different length and if you will put a long screw into a small hole you might break something inside.

When you finish taking out the screws, don’t pull the back panel too hard because you might break some small nozzles on the back panel edges. If you manage to take out the screws and the back panel without breaking anything, you’re good to start replacing your RAM or HDD. Don’t forget about getting grounded.

Upgrade RAM
Upgrade RAM

Upgrading a MacBook

Upgrading a MacBook is kind of the same thing as upgrading a laptop which needs the whole back panel removed. Just be a little bit more careful with what you’re buying as upgrade because compatibility is critical on Apple’s products.

MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade
MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade
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