Even though people get born with one right hand and one left hand, when we grow up we might end up having two left hands. We get clumsy and drop everything we’re holding, no matter what. Dropping soda on laptops has been a problem since Adam left the gates of heaven but nowadays you might have a chance to save your machine if you act fast. But acting fast is not the most important thing, you also need to know what to do.

How to save a soda flooded laptop in 5 easy steps

  1. Turn off the machine and remove the battery. Do this step even though the laptop is still running because it is just a matter of seconds until the liquid gets through the keyboard. It will certainly happen.
  2. Use gravity to stop soda getting further into the laptop. All you have to do is to turn the laptop upside down and let it rest into that position for about an hour. Soda is a liquid and is submissive to the laws of physics.
  3. Start to clean the liquid with some cotton cloth or some lint-free paper towel. I think those thick paper towels will work just fine. Even though it is just liquid, it won’t dry quite fast.
  4. Clean the soda. Soda is that kind of liquid which gets really sticky after it dries out. You can clean the dried soda using deionized water or pure alcohol. Be careful not to leave excess water behind you. The purpose is to clean the laptop and save it from death, not to cause its death.
  5. Give it 48 hours to dry naturally. You can do this after you have cleaned the laptop from any residue and you are sure all the 4 steps above have been followed. You can put the laptop to dry inside a rice bag, it will eliminate the moisture faster.

What you shouldn’t try when you’re dealing with a soda flooded laptop

You mustn’t try to turn on your laptop immediately after the unfortunate event. Being curious will cause a sudden death to your beloved laptop. If you think a hair drier will help you in this case, well, think again. You should NEVER use something like that because it will melt down plastics and push the moisture deeper into the laptop instead of drying the liquid. You could try the vacuum cleaner instead, I think it will absorb moisture and the liquid over the affected area. Just make sure you have enough patience for about 10 to 15 minutes.

The best way to save your laptop from liquid disasters is to avoid drinking near your machine. Don’t ever put glasses of water or soda near the laptop because an accident is quite inevitable.

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