Going to college is a big event and you realize there’s no way you can bring to the campus the full desktop setup you have at home. Well, it’s time to get a laptop. I know you don’t want to invest tons of cash into something powerful if you don’t need it, so here’s a small tutorial about getting the laptop suitable for a student’s needs.

How to choose the best laptop for a student

  1. It must be cheap? Well, to be honest, I personally can’t find any reasons why you should buy a two-grand laptop just for college unless you are going to study arts and need the Adobe suite or 3D rendering software installed. Otherwise, you will be just fine with anything under $1000. If you like gaming too, you can spend $2300 on a Razer Blade 2016, the 14-inch beast we talked about not so long ago.
  2. It must be portable but what does portable mean? Portable means maximum 14 inches. Anything from 11 to 14 inches is perfect for college. Full size laptops are not recommended because they are heavy and you will have to carry it around to classes and back. Go for no more than 14 inches, meaning a light laptop.
  3. It must have a good battery life. Gaming laptops are out of discussion because they have the worst battery life. Business/office, 11 to14 inch-laptops and Chromebooks have the best battery life on the market and they are the most recommended for students, being able to deliver juice up to 10 – 12 hours, enough to get you through a normal day at college…
  4. Windows, Mac or ChromeOS? I would recommend Windows for compatibility but it depends on the profile of your specific college. Most students might be just fine with an Acer Chromebook 14 as well. Be careful, Chromebooks are not compatible with the Microsoft Windows software you were used to at home, especially if you are not a big fan of Google services. If you use Google services and nothing more, you will be fine with a Chromebook if the college profile doesn’t require more power.
  5. It must be beer proof. If you are kind of a party guy, you should opt for some spill-resistant notebook. You will take your laptop to parties and guess what? Things are going to get nasty. There are a lot of spill-resistant laptops on the market right now, so be aware of that when you decide you need a new laptop for college. Beer kegs for the win but be careful with your laptop, you need it.

These are the most important 5 pieces of advice I can give you if you are looking for a college laptop. Keep it simple and be aware of the fact that sometimes investing in expensive laptops won’t pay off.

Remember to think before about what you’re going to use your laptop for, think about the type of college you’re going to study and I’m sure you will be able to make the right call. I am not going to recommend some piece of machine because, as I said, the horse power must be linked to your college profile. If your college profile will require a lot of horse power, you will need to make a serious investment in a MacBook Pro or a Dell Precision.

My name is Alex and laptopmagazine.net is my kind of Heaven. I'm one technology enthusiast who thinks information can help people make better choices in their lives, and picking the right laptop too.


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