There is a never-ending war between laptop and desktop fans boys.  It’s like console vs PC in gaming, everybody says his side is the winner. But in reality, can laptops replace desktops? That’s a good question because that’s what laptops are doing since the late 80s. Today, desktops are still on store shelves and even though mobility seems to be the winner, there are also performance enthusiasts who could never say goodbye to their hungry power machine.

The psychology behind laptop vs desktop war

This is pure bullshit. Nobody knows why people spend their time arguing on forums about who’s the winner, that laptops are better or desktops are better. In my opinion, it is like comparing 2 different objects which have no similarities in intended use purposes. Laptops are good for something, desktops are good for something else. They don’t mix. A Laptop means mobility, a desktop means processing power. Why do people try to compare oil with water?

Because the laptop market exploded in mid 2000s, mobility started to be people’s choice for home intended use and also students’ best friend. People always wanted to take the computer in comfortable areas of the house like a bed or sofa. Students always wanted to have a computer which they could bring back home easier or take to classes. Because mobility had such a huge impact on computer world, people started to think mobility is all they need.

But mobility is not everything people want. There are people who need something else like raw performance. We’re talking about gaming or video editing, 3D rendering, etc. These people who need performance will worship desktops through hell and back. We all know that laptops use mobile components, i7m processor could never beat a desktop LGA 2011 i7 processor.

As long as laptops use mobile components, not desktop size components, they won’t be able to beat desktops in terms of performance. That’s logical because laptops are meant to be mobile, portable, that’s why manufactures use smaller size processors, graphics cards, even RAM – to be able to bring to life 10 mm thin machines. So, why do people compare laptops to desktops? Well, after Bermuda Triangle, Nessie, and Area 51, laptop vs desktop war is one of the world’s unsolved mysteries.

Which are the situations when you could replace your desktop with a top performance laptop?

I think there are only three situations when you could give up your desktop computer in favor of a laptop and I’m going to debate them right now…

  • When you own quite an old desktop machine and you never used it for more that web browsing, Facebook, e-mail and watching movies. You might want to try some mobility too…
  • When you get a job which means a lot of traveling but also editing videos, 3d rendering, Adobe Suite, etc. If you change your job from a home based one to a dynamic one, you might need some Dell Precision.
  • When you are a gamer who is not willing to give up those epic whole night LOL matches just because he goes to college or is getting a job far away from home.

What about desktop replacement laptops?

There is also a specific category on laptop market called desktop replacement. These are 17.3 inches performant laptops, with screens large enough to simulate desktop use experience. Desktop replacement were designed for those who like desktops but also need mobility from time to time.

Of, course, there also can be desktop replacements like Dell Precision or MacBook Pro. These two are more likely workstations replacements.

Alienware 17 R3 laptop could also be a gamer’s desktop replacement if he needs to travel from time to time. The worst thing about gaming laptops is linked to upgrade capability over time, which is close to none in terms of performance. RAM and storage won’t help in FPS war.

Alienware 17 R3
Alienware 17 R3

Bottom line

Laptops are replacing desktops since they were invented, but everything is linked to the individual need. Those who need mobility will buy a laptop, those who need horse power will buy a desktop. Laptops can replace desktops if mobility is needed, otherwise it is just a nice dream.

What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments section down below…

My name is Alex and is my kind of Heaven. I'm one technology enthusiast who thinks information can help people make better choices in their lives, and picking the right laptop too.


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