From 2006 since the first generation of MacBook was released, laptop world was never the same again. It started to get divided into MacBooks and the rest… the same thing happened with the smartphones world too, it got divided into iPhones and the rest (Android)…  But is it a good thing to separate laptops in this manner? Is it ok to put Apple’s to the left and Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo and others to the right?

Why people think MacBooks are the best laptops in the world

Some say MacBooks are the best laptops in the world and in some way they really are. They are the best laptops in the world for those who hate Windows OS or who need stability. MAC OS is using resources in a very different way and because of that, overall system stability is very high. Security is also very high on MacBooks because MAC OS is not as open source as Windows is, or Linux or any other OS on the market.

People think Apple’s laptops are the best in the world because of the price range and also build quality. When you want a laptop which won’t drive you crazy with all kind of strange errors like blue screens of death, which looks good, is light-weight and has great battery life, you tend to consider it the best in the world.


Who needs MacBooks? Whom are they intended to

As I said before, MacBooks are intended for those who like plug and play stuff, for those who like simple stuff and stability. MacBooks are intended for people who need great battery life and like light weight premium designs. Of course, with the 2015 MacBooks there is a lot of controversy because of that one USB Type-C port for charging and anything else, but overall Apple products have always been up to the top.

MacBook Pro is intended for professional use like DJs, photo editors, video producers and so long and so forth. Many people consider this the best laptop in the world for professional use, but there are alternative on Windows side too, like Dell’s Precision series or Lenovo’s ThinkPad. The truth is when it comes to professional use, stability is very important and with that being said, MacBook Pro might be the best laptop in the world for professional use.

MacBook Pro 15
MacBook Pro 15

Who ends up buying a MacBook?

Everybody ends up buying MacBooks. They are great pieces of machineries. Even though MacBooks don’t have dedicated graphics cards inside and they are not intended for gaming, they are very good for daily use and professional use because of MAC OS stability. Everyone who hates Windows OS or like plug and play technology must buy MacBooks if they afford one because the truth is these laptops are anything but cheap.


So is the laptop world divided into MacBooks and the rest? Well, to be honest I never felt like that because I’m not such a great fan of Apple’s products. They indeed offer in some cases the best look and the best user experience, but they are far behind advanced technology. Apple’s focus is stability and general laptop aspect, great display and that’s it. You won’t be able to do much with those 1.2 GHz CPUs and internal graphics if you’re quite a techy passionate.

My name is Alex and is my kind of Heaven. I'm one technology enthusiast who thinks information can help people make better choices in their lives, and picking the right laptop too.


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