We all want quality built laptops but the fact is that quality means more money. Are you willing to pay some heavy price to have a quality built and nice finished laptop, or you’re all in for specifications? Or maybe you don’t need nice designs and quality because details are not so important to you. But what does quality mean in laptop terms? When do we say about a laptop it’s quality built?

I’m going to talk about the individual characteristics and design, which lead to a quality build. I have to say that quality may be linked to individual personality, so if you don’t think quality means what I’m going to describe, don’t hesitate to write a comment down below about your opinion. I also think quality build is oriented to business world, to business laptops.


Design must be almost perfect. When I’m talking about quality design, I’m talking about something like HP Spectre or MacBook. Aluminum is a must, as well as perfectly finished edges. If you all know how a MacBook looks like, they’ve been around for ages, take a close look at this 13 inches, 10.4 mm thin HP Spectre laptop. This looks like’s God’s intervention.

HP Spectre
HP Spectre


Quality build means also a nice display, high resolutions and high ppi number. It’s quite a complementary fact because quality laptops have all the goodies. Evan though they are not beasts in terms of performance, they have quality components inside and a very nice display is a must. Quality display means at least 1080p ~400 ppi, if not 4K. Viewing angles must also be great.


Keyboard MUST NOT FLEX. Flexy keyboards are often found on cheap laptops. They’re the proof of a low quality build. The whole laptop must not flex and if there’s aluminum involved it won’t. The keyboard must have nice big keys, so people with fat fingers won’t get into problems when typing. I always like to see keyboards with numpad, but on 13, 14 inches they are hard to find because the keys are already crowded. Quality keyboard must be typing oriented, with large Backspace and full size center Enter key.


Generally speaking, sound on laptops is bad since The Crusades. I don’t want to seem trolling but I never had a laptop with good sound. Internal sound, internal graphics were always crap. Talking about quality sound on any kind of laptop would be a blasphemy. The sound will be poor on $350 or $2000 laptops. Maybe some will sound better than others but don’t get too enthusiastic.


Performance on quality built laptops is not a must. Quality built laptops are expensive but business and portability oriented. Of course, Alienware are also quality build laptops but they lack nice finish touches. Take a look at HP ProBooks or EliteBooks, or HP Spectre. These laptops are ultra-thin, ultra portables but they lack the heavy performance factor. No bulky graphics card inside, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to be just millimeters thin.


Price must be high. Nobody can deliver quality at low prices. If someone says he can deliver high quality at low prices, he’s full of shit. Great quality comes at high prices and it’s quite normal because we’re talking about aluminum not plastics, nice 1080p displays or higher, no flexy keyboards, overall great build quality with nice finishing touches.

I think this is what quality build means in the laptop world. Let me know what you think in the comment section below, what’s your opinion about this?

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