Since 2011 we hear about these ultrabooks but there are people that haven’t framed the concept yet. Ultrabook is a concept brought to life by Intelstein in early 2011 to compete unofficially with Apple’s MacBooks. Ultrabooks are thin laptops which can deliver great performance for daily use.

They are not intended for video rendering or gaming, but they can deliver great experience in elementary tasks like web browsing, e-mail, social media, etc. Ultrabooks are not high performance machines. They have average components delivered in a very thin and light chassis. So, if they were meant to compete with MacBook but can’t deliver great performance, who needs ultrabooks?

MAckBook Air, the reason ultrabooks exist
MAckBook Air, the reason ultrabooks exist

Who needs an ultrabook?

Well, to be honest, since the price range is the same as for 13 inch MacBook, ultrabooks are meant for people that want a Windows MacBook. You will pay the same price, but you will be able to install all your Windows software, games, etc…


No, not Call Of Duty or other hungry resources titles. Ultrabooks are not for gaming. They are a concept based on Intel processors and internal Intel graphics. You can still play Farmerama or some other light games with that Intel Skylake i5 processor and that HD Graphics.


So who needs one?

If you want a very light laptop with strong battery life and with a very nice design, ultrabook is your way to go. There are people that don’t need specs, dosn’t need games or video rendering, they just need a beautiful laptop with an average performance and great battery life for daily use.

Ultrabooks stats

Ultrabooks dosn’t have a lot of USB ports, DVD, VGA, because they must be very thin. The average thickness of this kind of 13-14 inch laptop is under 0.8 inches and the average weight is under 3.3 pounds. They also have an SSD so the performance is kind of boosted. The SSD is good for energy saving too.

Even though they were designed to cost under $1000, the price may be up to double if manufactures use the latest i7 processors, large capacity SSDs and high capacity batteries. We all know that ultrabooks should be the middle man between price and performance, but if people are willing to pay double for a nice laptop, manufactures will stuff it with the latest technology.

HP Spectre
HP Spectre Ultrabook

Why ultrabooks are important?

Ultrabooks are like the missing link in the mid class pricing point. For $1000 you can have a very light, thin and well-designed Windows laptop for your daily use. If MacOS scares you or just want something with a familiar OS (Windows), an ultrabook is everything you need. You have to stay away from ultrabooks if you are a gamer or a video content producer.

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