Yes, there are 15.6 inch laptops on the market that cost under 350 bucks, sometimes even under $300. Who on Earth would buy something like that? We all know that cheap means low performance and nowadays we all want super-fast laptops with SSDs and all that good stuff that make Windows boot in no time.

Well, it seems like there are people that need the cheapest laptops on Earth. That’s why manufactures got into some Victor Frankenstein action and brought to life so called low budget laptops niche. There are manufactures like Asus, HP and Lenovo that have a lot of products on this niche, considered to be by some analysts the most important of all.

But what can you do with $350 laptops?

First of all, let’s see what kind of specs $350 laptops have. There will be some maximum Intel Core i3-5020U 2.2GHz or i3-6100U processors.

$350 laptops HAVE Low end Intel chips with some 4GB DDR3 memory and 500 GB or 1 TB 5400 RPM hard drive.

And yes, they are 15.6 inch laptops but only 4 GB DDR3 and no dedicated graphic card will help you play anything on that laptop. Most of them have Intel chipset so they will come with Intel HD graphics. As for the battery life, don’t expect more than 2.5, 3 hours. This kind of laptops are good for web browsing, Facebook, Skype, e-mail, watching movies and… that’s all. You won’t be able to play anything on a low budget laptop, not even Counter-Strike GO.

How future proof is a $350 laptop?

fpAs for the future proof factor, don’t even think that you will keep it longer than 1 and a half year. It will became obsolete faster than you expect because nowadays Internet is a resources hungry beast. Of course, if you will buy it just for some Microsoft Word or Excel document editing, it will probably last you forever. You will be able to use that Microsoft Word for decades, just like you can play Solitaire today on Pentium 3. The future proof concept is quite bounded to cheap terminology.

Conclusion: What to expect from a $350 laptop?

To be honest, I would never buy the cheapest laptop on the market because I would end up with a machine impossible to use. I could never get my job done with a $350 laptop because it lacks the horse power. If you are fine with low performance and need a laptop which you’ll use just one, one and a half years for basic tasks like spreadsheets and Facebook, you can go with a cheap machine. If you are aware of the fact that the lowest price means the lowest performance, probably you know what you’re doing.home

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