Every time people need a new laptop, they have to answer one simple question: what kind of use will it be intended to? Is it for home use which means browsing the web and watching movies? Is it for business use or for just pure gaming?

Well, it’s quite easy to choose a laptop when you know what you’re going to be doing with it, but what happens when we are unable to correctly identify our basic needs? Well, the relevance gets thrown out the window and you end up having a laptop that doesn’t fit to your purpose…

Today, even though we can access tons of information, there’s a lot of people who make the wrong choice when they buy a laptop because they are unable to properly identify their needs or they are pure dreamers, thinking they will be able to play games on $350 laptops. Let’s talk about expectations and the logic behind choosing a laptop.

First of all, if you want to buy a laptop you have to know that:

Cheap means trouble

When you see some $300 – $350 laptop, stay away from it, it’s not a bargain. You will end up having a laptop which you will be able to use just for editing Microsoft Office documents and which will struggle even with modern 1080p videos on YouTube. I personally don’t understand the meaning of cheap laptops or cheap desktop graphics cards, the performance compromise is huge.


Dedicated 2 GB low end graphics cards will not help you play quality games

Playing games on laptops is always a struggle if you do not buy a dedicated gaming laptop. People usually want it all: watch movies, continue work at home, video rendering, play games on some universal type of laptop. Well, even though it has a dedicated graphics card inside it doesn’t mean you will be able to enjoy some good gaming experience. Quality gaming means Nvidia GTX 965M and above, any 1 or 2 gigs graphics card mounted on $500 laptop won’t be able to provide those 40 FPS at 1080p = definition of decent gameplay. And lowering 1080p resolution is not a solution.

Real gaming on laptops will get you broke

If you really want to enjoy gaming, you will need some laptop with top graphics card like NVIDIA GTX 970M or NVIDIA GTX 980M. Of course, laptops which get these graphics cards are 2 grand and above. If you are ready to declare bankruptcy to your credit card and enjoy really nice gaming experience, go for some Alienware.

Dell Alienware 17 inches laptop
Dell Alienware 17 inches laptop

Mobility is the worst enemy of performance

I understand the fact that everybody wants in some way to get the same user experience on laptops which desktop computers offer. The reality is you will never ever get the same performance as desktop computer offers into a laptop. Laptops are designed for mobility and nowadays technology doesn’t quite allow us to manufacture laptops with desktop components. Of course, there are some laptops with desktop components on the market but the price is ridiculous. Maybe in the next 10 years or so we will see some desktop components in 13,3 or 14 inches laptops at a decent price.

Components crowded inside a laptop
Components crowded inside a laptop

Bigger screen does not mean better performance

There are some people who judge a book by its covers and think that bigger display size means also better performance or better laptop overall. Well, if you like large screens and are willing to accept the idea that 17 inches laptops are anything but mobile, you can buy one and will be satisfied. But if you need mobility and power and think 17 inches means better overall, well, think again. I saw 13.3 inches or 14 inches laptops destroying 17 inches laptops in any manner.

There’s no such thing like best laptop manufacturer

If you think you will be able to buy the best laptop in the world, you probably smoked too much pot. There is no such thing as th best laptop manufacturers. Every manufacturer on the market has office laptops, gaming laptops, 2in1s, Chromebooks, etc… You will only be able to choose the best laptop in the world suitable for your needs, for a specific purpose.


What does basic needs mean? The logic behind choosing your laptop

Basic needs. There may be two types of basic needs. When we say basic needs we may refer to everyday home use of a laptop, or one specific task. For home users, basic needs mean web browsing, e-mail, watching movies, Microsoft Office and that’s it.

Basic needs may also mean one and specific task linked to individual. Gaming for example can be a basic need of a gamer, or video rendering could be the basic need of some online content producer. As long as you are able to identify your basic needs, you can make the right decision. If you want to game you will end up buying an Alienware or an Acer Predator, if you are a content producer you will but one of Lenovo’s ThinkPad, or one of Apple’s MacBook Pro. If you need a business laptop you will look after 13-14 inches laptops with great battery life but also high quality designs…

All you have to do is think how you’re going to make use of that laptop and remember: there’s no such thing as some laptop guru, best for everything – home use + gaming + mobility. You might be needed to take some compromises in consideration and choose what’s best for one of your basic needs. Think about if you need to game more than do business with that laptop or if you will watch movies more often than you will render videos and finally you will be able to make the right decision. Take your time, establish your budget and start identifying your basic needs.

My name is Alex and laptopmagazine.net is my kind of Heaven. I'm one technology enthusiast who thinks information can help people make better choices in their lives, and picking the right laptop too.


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