The latest MacBook brought to life by Apple set the fans on fire because the machine had actually only 2 ports: one USB Type-C and 3.5 mm audio jack. With that being said, it was clearly they won’t be able to make data transfers while charging on a MacBook and that’s quite a controversial decision by Apple.

Everybody needs ports, a lot of them even though today’s tech trends are pushing laptops millimeters thinner and thinner. What if every laptop manufacturer would follow Apple’s idea and offer just one single universal port on our laptops? Would that be  good news?

Apple thrown all the other ports to the obsolete trashcan and kept just USB Type C which is faster than USB 2.0, reversible, supports transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps, it has native DisplayPort 1.2 video output and is also used  to charge the laptop. Does that mean all other ports are obsolete?

Well, if we take a closer look at USB Type C functions, yes, all other ports are obsolete in some manner.  With that being said, which obsolete ports would we still like to have on our modern laptops?

Which obsolete ports do we still need on modern laptops?

  1. VGA port. The truth is VGA standard has been around us since dinosaurs (1987). There are a lot of modern laptops (except MacBooks) which still get that port. Why do they get it? Because modern projectors are still using VGA port and because modern monitors are still using VGA standards. Of course, we’re talking about cheap laptops and cheap projectors, because after all, VGA means analogic stuff.
    Laptop VGA Port
    Laptop VGA Port
  2. USB ports. Yes, I said ports, not port. I really think nowadays, laptops should have at least 4 USB ports each because it’s all about functionality. Of course, you can replace a USB wireless mouse or keyboard with some Bluetooth ones, but the fact is a lot of people need simple and cheap solutions to go with modern laptops. We can get around with just one USB Type-C port like Apple proved, but it’s quite a hustle sometimes.
    Laptop USB Ports
    Laptop USB Ports
  3. 3.5 MM audio jack. I think we all wonder why audio on laptops is so lame. Even though it’s been quite some years since the first laptops were born, no manufacturer put some time and effort in bringing on the market some laptop with great onboard audio. And since things are not going to get better any soon, those 3.5 MM jacks are quite necessary at least when you are trying to have some decent Skype calls.
  4. SD Card reader. Even though I don’t use SD card reader too often, I have to admit that for parents and people who are not so into technology, card readers can be one simple solution to empty photos or videos from a camera. It’s plug and play stuff, just like people want.
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