It’s more than four decades since laptops were introduced to real world. Back in the days, nobody thought they would have such an impact on the computer market. Today, laptops are shining like a star and desktops are similar to some Lucifer, falling of shops shelves straight into the pit of obliteration. Yes, it’s more likely for people to have 4 laptops into their homes instead of 4 desktop computers because mobility is considered more important than specs or performance in 2016. Besides, today prices are close to nothing for laptops compared to the 90s or early 2000s.

But how about office or business laptops? Did laptops change the corporate world too? Of course they did. It’s more likely to have a laptop at work that you can bring home and continue your job in a less stressful environment. It’s all about productivity in 2016, but also about mobility. Laptops are important in the business world because they can be used anywhere: in office, in hotel rooms, in a venue for PowerPoint presentations, etc. I could rather say laptops are irreplaceable in the +business world.

Well, if you need an office orientated laptop, which specs are important? What should you look after? In this article I will talk about what you need and what you don’t need with a laptop for office intended use. If you are the kind of person who feels overwhelmed every time he needs to buy tech, bear with me for the next 5 minutes and you will be able to buy your own office laptop. It’s much easier choosing an office laptop than a gaming one, because for basic tasks like e-mail, social media, spreadsheets, high specs are not so important.

What should you expect from an office laptop?

An office laptop should be not large or heavy, let’s say 14 inch or 15.6 maximum. You have to be able to take it home or to another office to work on some job tasks with your colleagues and stuff like that. Some 17.3 inch bulky laptop will make you suffer every time you need to move around. Battery life is also very important. Imagine you have to show some .pps to a crowd of thousand people and after half an hour your battery dies. That would be some horror movie that would make Hitchcock turn into his grave… So, with that being said, office laptops should be light and have a great battery life.

Do not buy an office laptop if it doesn’t have a SSD installed


Office tasks are linked to small files. A SSD is wonderful because will make anything snappy and fast. Your Word documents or PowerPoint presentations will open in no time. Windows will also boot much faster. Working with spreadsheets will be great even when large quantities of data are thrown in. I don’t think you have to be worried about storage because in the corporate world, everything is stored on a local server. If you use that laptop for your own office tasks at home you probably already have a NAS or a cloud backup service for important documents.

How about processor and graphics card?

Office laptop doesn’t quite need horse power. It is not intended for games or 3D rendering. I think you will be just fine with some average Intel Core i5 with onboard graphics. If you are working with large quantities of data that must be processed fast, or advanced multitasking, you can go with some 6th generation of Intel Core i7 processor.

5 GHz Wi-Fi is a must

5GHz_1343677905_w150Even though there are no laptops sold without an internal Wi-Fi Card, make sure you buy one with 802.11ac (2.4+5.0 GHz Dual-band) Wi-Fi card. In the office world, Wi-Fi interferences mean trouble. If there is a 5 GHz band router nearby, you will be able to stay away from the 2.4 GHz crowded channels and get your job done in time.

Ports, you need a lot of USB ports

On desktop computers, ports are not a problem. You can plug in 10 devices via USB without problems. With laptops things get a little bit interesting. If you need a laptop for office purposes, be careful to buy one with at least 4 USB ports. You will need them for: your mouse, USB stick or external hard drive, 3G modem, sometimes keyboard, charging your phone/tablet, etc. Your laptop has to have 4 USB ports.

VGA port is the most obsolete port you will need on a modern laptop. Why? Because modern projectors stick to this VGA standard. Of course, there are also HDMI projectors or Wi-Fi, but most of them are still using that damn VGA port.

Laptop common ports
Laptop common ports

Comfort guidelines

An office laptop must be comfortable. It must be lightweight and cold. Nobody wants a laptop that’s similar to a freshly baked pizza. Your wrists must be cold, your feet have to stay cold if you are using it on your lap. Try some aluminum laptops, there are plenty on the market. They will be light and will stay cold all time because processors in office laptops are thermal and power consumption oriented. There is also no graphic card inside that would ramp up temperature. Office laptops are comfortable.

The look

Even though it’s not 1989 and Roxette’s The Look is still a pretty good song, the look is important for an office laptop too. Why is it important?

The look is important because we’re living in a world where everybody is attracted by the good looks. Don’t be afraid to spend some extra cash for a nice looking laptop. Everybody will admire it at presentations or at the office.

HP Spectre
HP Spectre


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